A/c compressor replacement

Honda CR-V (2006) Gen 2
‘Black death’ aircon system

I am second owner, 170,000kms
It had the original a/c compressor replaced by Honda at around 40,000kms

Now compressor is making a small thud when switched on and sounds a struggle, I don’t use it, though it comes on accidentally some times.

Wife wants me to change the compressor so she can use the a/c, I’d probably change the condenser too…

I only see two replacement options online in Australia

Jayair: A/C Air Con Compressor
Model# TRSE090A
Jayair brand

Keihin, as I see is made in Japan and they supply to Honda original parts, it is the more expensive of the two.

Thing is I can’t find information on replacement compressors for the Honda or reviews on these parts. I don’t want to buy a replacement that will eventually produce the ‘black death’.

Does anyone know about replacements for this issue?
Is the ‘Black Death’ completely avoidable with a good replacement, or is it a problem with the whole system?

Help please, thank you.

Before you change the compressor have a qualified shop take a look at the system. They may have an easy fix. Unless you are trained and have all the proper tools/vacuum pump to save the existing freon you could end up with a mess on your hands. Uncontrolled release of freon under pressure can cause some very nasty injuries.


Before installing the new compressor, the entire AC system must be dismantled, hose assemblies/evaporator flushed, and these components are replaced.

Failing to do this will guarantee the new compressor will be destroyed in a short time.

This requires special equipment to perform this repair properly.

That’s why most people have the professionals do this type of repair.



You need to take your vehicule to a A/C specialist.This is not a doityourself job.


Ok, thanks guys, I don’t have any specialist tools so I will speak to a professional for this job.
Thanks for quick responses.

Smart move good luck with it.

Good advice above about all the work that must be done before replacing an AC condenser. When an AC compressor fails it often spews bits of metal throughout the entire system. Those metal bits have to be 100% eliminate first, otherwise the replacement condenser will likely fail. As far as which compressor manufacturer to choose, is there a reason you don’t want to buy an oem version from a Honda dealership?

As far as aftermarket versions, suggest to surf over to rockauto.com. The compressors they show for an 06 CRV may not be available to you in Australia, but the descriptive verbage still may be worth taking a look at. I’m seeing 8 different compressors there, GPD, UAC, Four Seasons, and Nissens.

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I can’t find information regarding replacements, whether the ‘Catastrophic Black Death’ is a problem only with the original compressor, or if it is an ongoing nightmare :confused: regardless of the brand/design of the replacement?

My vehicle has never suffered the ‘BD’ it has had one replacement compressor by Honda so OEM, for first owner, receipt says 5 years ago. Now it is acting funny, I don’t know if it will blow up or just stop working like most compressors?

So I have no problem with oem if the problem is resolved.
I can’t find if the problem is the car’s a/c system or only that one specific original compressor, that’s my confusion.

An independent AC shop is not going to put on parts they may have replace under their warranty. Just let them do their job .


i came across another site/thread that mentions “black death” on happens to car earlier than mid 2004 is that true?


No idea about the black-death claim, but it wouldn’t be overly unusual for an AC system to fail on a 18 year old vehicle, irrespective of the make/model.

This isn’t a Honda or CR-V specific problem, imo