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Honda 09 accord transmission fluid question

I have a 09 Honda Accord manual transmission V6 with 59K miles. Recently, it seems to stick a little going into 3rd gear - only third. Called our local dealer’s service department who said I should have done a drain and fill on my transmission fluid at 30K miles. I have driven manual transmissions for 30+ years and have never heard of this - but this is my first Honda. The owners manual is not very specific about this maintenance recommendation. Did I create unnecessary wear and tear to my transmission or is my dealers service tech just working to humble me?

The dealer’s “service tech” that you spoke with on the phone is not a technician at all. He’s a paperwork maker-outer. You’ll not find a tranny fluid change in the owner’s manual for the manual transmission, because none is necessary. The paperwork maker-outer gave you a line of BS.

What you need to check is your clutch hydraulic system. It may have a slight weeping leak and be low on fluid. It consists of a “master” cylinder containing a piston that you push when you push the clutch pedal (NOT to be confused with the brake MC), a “slave cylinder” at the clutch fork the piston of which reacts to move the parts that disengage the clutch when you push the pedal, and a line between them filled with hydraulic fluid.

Find a reliable independantly owned and operated shop to look at it. You don’t need the dealer for this one. Chances are that it’ll be the system I described and the repair will be quick and affordable.

You might want to check the level of the gear oil in the transmission just in case any leaked out.

I have a manual transmission in an '03 Civic and I’ve had the trans fluid changed a couple of times and now have 130K miles on the car. The manual transmission fluid is a Honda specific fluid, so I’d have your trans fluid changed and I’d stick to the Honda brand fluid.

I think your tranny is OK. Change the Honda spec. fluid and see if it makes any difference.

Not to sound too pessimistic, but another possibility is a bad synchro.