Home made paint booth

Hello everyone,

maybe this is kind of a crazy question, but I would like to now if anybody of you has something like a small scale paint booth in his garage?
Thinking about it for a while now. Maybe I could reserve 200 sq ft in my garage for a paint booth. Just unsure what I would actually need :smiley:
Would a dry paint extraction wall like this one here make sense: http://www.hoecker-polytechnik.de/en/products/paint-mist-extraction-systems-surface-coating-technology/dry-system/paintstar-pfw.html? Or would you go for a construction that could surround the car? Maybe a bit overkill :wink:

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Years ago I built a small-scale paint shed out of some giant cardboard boxes that broadcast equipment had come in. I needed to paint a computer case for a guy I was building a box for, but at the time I lived in an apartment and it was winter so painting it outside didn’t work. I turned the boxes on their side, and taped them together, so now my living room was filled with 2 boxes each about the size of a refrigerator.

I cut a hole in the top and covered it with clear tape, which I then shined a light through so I could see what I was doing. I cut a round hole in the side and ran dryer vent hose to a window in one of the bedrooms, and put a box fan in the box covering the vent hole. I’d hold my breath while I was in there with cans of spray paint, but it still wasn’t pleasant.

I would not do that again even though the case turned out beautifully.

If I were to build a paint booth in my garage it would have to be enclosed on all 6 sides to avoid getting overspray on my walls or floor.

Keep in mind that at some point you’ll probably want to sell your house, and prospective buyers will be turned off if your garage floor looks like a modern art canvas, so whatever you do, it should be completely enclosed.

Are you talking about a paint booth to paint an entire car? Wowser, that’d need to be huge, compared to most garages!

Buy plastic sheeting at Lowes or Home Depot and string it up as needed, that’s what I do, works every time, throw the old stuff away when you’re done painting. Thiis should work well unless you paint all the time, then I’d build something more permanent. rocketman

I’ve made a temporary paint booth in the shop a few times.

However, if you have close neighbors, I would add activated carbon filters to the exhaust to absorb any chemicals as the paint flashes off if the paint isn’t water based.


I just put a big fan in the window and cracked the bottom of the garage door a little. But that was before all the nasty new paint that’s out there.

Pretty cool Tester! Cheap and easy, I may just make one for fun. Rocketman

Be careful with cheap fans for ventilation. If they’re not brush-less design, atomized paint can be an explosive mixture…