2003 Ford F250 - Muffler prices

What is a good low price 3" muffler?

You just have to do what anyone here would do . Check your local parts stores or muffler shops . An independent muffler shop can put one on a lot easier than you can yourself .

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I have had good luck with the pipe bender places. They replaced everything from the cat back for less than I could by parts for. An extra $15 to weld the split cat. 7 years later the muffler went out, it was replaced under the lifetime warranty, though I did have to pay $3.50 for a new clamp. And the place an indy shop is still in business 20 years later.

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I once put a new muffler on the 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass that I owned. I bought the muffler at NAPA. I spent two hours installing the new muffler. When that muffler failed, I didn’t have time to replace the muffler, so I went to an independent muffler shop. The muffler was replaced in ten minutes and the total cost, parts and labor, was less than what I paid for the previous muffler at NAPA.

And don’t forget to change your muffler bearings at the same time. Wouldn’t want to ruin a new muffler with old muffler bearings! :laughing:

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Great . Now Mr. Mustang here come the posts wanting to know which are the best ’ Muffler Bearing ’ and where to get them . :grin:

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I get mine from fictional auto parts, gees I hope you are not fooling anyone.:roll_eyes:



Highest quality and best price I have found:

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Surf over to rockauto.com , see what they offer in the way of mufflers for your car. They’ll usually list a number of vendor and pricing options. For the 5.4L engines there’s 4 options, ranging from $48 to $98. The oem replacement job looks to price out at $775, and about an hour labor.

Because muffler bearings are exposed to water, snow, and ice, I always pack them with a good quality synthetic marine grease. Even though the muffler is toast, the bearings are like new.


Maybe the ball bearings are why Scott Muffler company went out of business … :wink:


Blockquote What is a good low price 3" muffler?

Hi. If you are going for low price, and don’t have a welding machine, local muffler shop is a best solution. They usually have a range of cheap universal mufflers. It’s a cut-out and weld-in job.

Other option is a specific replacement part, which comes with piping and flanges. This is something that can be done with only a basic socket set on your driveway.

PS. Avoid glasspacks. They burno-out fairly fast.