Holden commodore vl

having trouble with sprigot bush and bearing, what is the best way to get them out i have tryed packing it with greace.and still wont come out is there some sort of pully you can buy.

We have enough trouble with our own junk…Holden owners should be well versed in dealing with problems like this, but mercifully, here in Boston, Holden’s are not an issue…

With one of these:


Or screw a large thread tap into the bushing until it bottoms out. Continue to tighten the tap. This should force the bushing out.
If the new bushing is Oillite you will have to force feed heavy oil to it before installation.

Place a fingertip on one open end of the bushing, fill it with oil, and place another fingertip on the other end. Squeeze the fingertips together (hard) and hold it for a bit. Oil should ooze through the pores in the bushing; assuming it’s Oillite.

Holden is a division of GM. They are very similar to Chevy’s and Pontiacs, so there should be enough similarities that folks can answer many questions.

Similar, yes, but not as similar as you may think.

In fact, this model Holden used a Nissan straight six, rather than a GM- designed engine, so GM engine experience may not be helpful with this particular car.

Some are similar. The most recent version of the GTO is actually a Holden Monaro; so is the G8. Holden has had many Japanese partners in addition to Nissan.