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His car mirror rubbed against mine, what should I do?

My car was parked on a fairly narrow two-way road (note to self: never park on a narrow two-way road) and I was near it when I witnessed a kid driving a Sonata trying to squeeze through and his mirror ended up rubbing against mine. Some of the paint on his mirror was rubbed off and deposited on my mirror.

I knocked on his door and told him that it was my car that he had hit. He gets out and gives me his phone number and I copy down his license plate. I didn’t call the cops. The mirror seems to be okay, I pushed it back and forth and I think it’s going to be all right.

So, probably, I’m just going to let it go. What do you think?

I guess the one thing that really bugged me was that the kid had a bit of an attitude and didn’t even apologize.

You can try to get him to pay for a repaint…he may do it. If not, you would have to battle with him to get it done. Get an estimate, and ask him to pay it. See what happens.


If HIS paint transferred to YOU, just take it to a body shop and have it buffed out. It’ll take about 5 minutes, and they shouldn’t charge you very much at all.

If it’s the other way around, it’ll need to be painted, but it’d be a cheap paint job just to do one mirror housing.

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We learned that the kid was driving a Sonata, but have no idea what you’re driving.
Until we find out, I suggest that you try rubbing the area with a rag saturated with plain old car wax. See if things improve and you may be able to work it out yourself. Car wax sometimes works and it’s not abrasive enough for you to additional damage.


Thank you all for the response. The car is an ugly 2007 Corolla CE. I think what I will do is: … nothing.

The mirror has some paint on it but otherwise fine, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Thanks again.

Extra Paint Is Almost Always Better Than Not Enough Paint.



It’s a plastic mirror. They get dinged up…a lot. Every person who walks by the car in a parking lots will rub against it, kids riding bikes by on the street, everywhere.

If it was the kids attitude that is bothering you, then ask for his insurance company and submit a claim for the damage. That should adjust his attitude when he goes to renew his insurance.

But I agree with your attitude, let it go and do nothing. That kids attitude will eventually come back to hurt him in the future.

I had a young college student slide into the door of my old Oldsmobile which was over 25 years old at the time. The student was working a construction job to make money to continue his college education. He was really scared about what would happen to his insurance rates. I had an idea: he was a big, muscular guy with a pickup truck. My wife and I were trying to clean out her parents’ house as they had gone into a nursing home. I decided that I could use a man and a truck more than I needed the money.
This worked out great. I got a day’s labor which finished the job of cleaning up the house and hauling away the furniture. The student was glad not to have the minor accident on his record. It would have taken me the better part of a week of what he and I accomplished in a day. If a person doesn’t have an attitude, I try to work with them.


I find myself wondering of it was you who blocked him in and that’s why he felt no need to apologize…

No, my parking was near-impeccable, I parked about 8 inches to the sidewalk (admittedly, it wasn’t 0 inches which is what I usually aim for so as to avoid exactly this sort of thing.) Here’s what happened: There’s a Camry driver coming towards him on a narrow road, rather than move aside and let the other driver pass, he decides to squeeze through the other driver and that’s when he hits me.

Okay. Thanks for clarifying and understanding my question.

Since there was no damage I’d just clean it with polishing compound and forget it. Photograph it first in case he comes back and tries to make any claim against you.

His car mirror rubbed against mine, what should I do?

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