Hijack this car thread

What do you guys think of Crispy Creme . . . ?

For chain store donuts, I think they’re pretty good, if you show up early and get that nice, fresh warm batch

Crispy creme is ok,but Hijack this I will, George Carlin, why do we drive in a parkway and park in a driveway?

Hi - would you mind making this thread a little more car-related? Thanks.

Trash the floppy disc Icon for a picture of Jesus with an I’ve been saved Icon popup I will. @cdaquila do you ever sleep?

@cdaquila do you ever sleep?

cdaquila simulation program rule 1:
SearchThread(((SearchPost(InString,CarRelated) == False)>3), PostReply(“Hi - would you mind making this thread a little more car-related? Thanks.”));

Live? or an incredible simulation? :wink:

What could be more car related than drive on a parkway, park in a driveway?

“What could be more car related than drive on a parkway, park in a driveway?”

Eating donuts while doing that!

Had to edit out replacing the floppy drive icon for saving files with a Jesus icon, and you are saved pop up window, a hard drive on a computer and a hard drive in a car are 2 different things, sorry cq

oh, gosh, I better mix up my phraseology! When seeking out NYC donuts, I take public transit because I don’t trust myself to drive under the influence of donuts.

CC are good when they are fresh (like within a couple hours) but otherwise get old in a hurry. I remember when they first broke into the Sioux Falls market, they had a truck that delivered them fresh within hours of baking. I think they had to shrink their market though some years ago and I don’t see them as much. I used to stop and get a couple fresh lime ones every morning to break the commute up.

If you enjoy driving, and if you enjoy problem solving on cars that don’t run right, and if you plan on collecting Social Security and buying car related stuff with your checks until you are very, very old, then I suggest you drive smoothly right past the donut shop and go home and clean up your sockets. Them donuts will kill you!

Not only that, but you’ll need bigger ramps!

Looking on the brighter side - if you’re fat & flexible from donuts you might be able to use your navel as a socket wrench…

Or a place to put your nuts & bolts… (no, not THOSE nuts).

mmmmmm Krispy Kreme! drooolll!

The drive through is safer than going inside, the fresh doughnut exposure is lower so the temptation factor is lower, too.

@Mustangman, is your name Homer? ; )

Now that’s a flattering picture…

Just to keep this car related . . .

About a year ago, I was driving home, and a stopped at a 7-Eleven

I saw donuts which were labeled “Homer Simpson donut” and they looked just like those purple glazed and sprinkled donuts on the tv show

Apparently, it was only for a limited time, because the next time I stopped in, a few months later, they weren’t for sale

@db4960 I would have thought they would be a good seller! Maybe we can get some on ebay. Now if I had one of those for the commute with a hot cup of coffee, well maybe the purple was like the purple soap tasting jelly beans.