Highlander Hybrid

I am getting about 22-23 mpg on my 2006 Highlander Hybrid, is there any mechanical procedure to improve this vehicle’s mgg?

Assuming tires are at correct pressure when measured cold, this sounds like the numbers I’ve heard elsewhere for the HH. You might visit some hybrid sites to pick up some driving hints, I understand driving style has a pretty big effect.

And cold weather has a big impact, like McP says. The warm weather numbers I’ve found are in the 25-27 mpg range.

Have you always gotten the same mileage, or is this different from what you’ve gotten in the past? If it’s different, what did you get before, and when did it change?

If you’re in a cold part of the country it probably can’t be improved upon until warmer weather arrives.

Thanks for the info. I’ve had the HH only 3 mos and the temps have mostly been cool to cold. I’ll prob up the pressure in the tires as well. I did check out some sites on hybrid driving tips. About the only tip that seems helpful is to avoid slow acceleration…get to cruising speed quickly…then let the electronics kick in.

Another factor that matters is the type of driving you do.
And the answer is???

Most vehicles MPG are affected by winter temps, hybrids seem to get it the worst though. 7 mpg seems to be average from the various posters on the board