Hybrid and cold weather

I have moved to Minnesota and have notice a significant decrease in MPG with the temperature.

above 40 F above 30 MPG

25 - 39F 27-29 MPG

15- 25 F 24- 26 MPG

-9 - 14 F 18-23 MPG

The Ford dealer said they have never seen this and can not find anything wrong with my car. Any ideas?

At lower temperatures, the heater is needed all the time and the car is likely programmed to have the engine running all the time so you don’t get cold. Even a Prius gets much worse gas milege in cold weather.

In other words, at those low temperatures you don’t really have a hybrid, except for the regenerative braking.

Your dealer probably needs a primer in the way hybrids operate.

Doc is correct, as he usually is.

4Dmeat–Haven’t you noticed that your gasoline engine is running almost constantly now that the temperatures have dropped sharply? All of that engine operation will use gas–just as with a non-hybrid vehicle. Surely you didn’t think that the engine was running just on air, did you?

They have never seen this probably because hybrid owners realize that their gas engine runs more in cold weather.

I think the situation is normal for the SUV hybrid. Cold temperatures have been known to reduce the power of batteries, in addition to all the other things that cold does to all cars. Check the tire pressure too. If I have to suffer, you should be allowed to be in the same position. Keep your shirt tucked in while you’re down there. See: I can give good advice.

If you’re warming up before driving, less mpg.
If you’ve selected either of the two defrost settings, the engine will not enter sleep mode at all.
A cold battery needs charging more often.