'06 highlander hybrid gas mileage



Actually 2 questions;

1. Has anyone experienced decreasing gas mileage in time with hybrids? I started at 28mpg and now get 22mpg (4 wheel drive).

2. Is there a way to disable or reset that blinkin’ “Maintenance required” message on the speedometer?!


When exactly did you get 28 MPG? Are you aware that colder weather reduces mileage, sometimes quite a bit? Are your tires still inflated properly?


Got 28 mpg on average for 3 years, regardless of weather. Always check tires every 2-3 weeks. Always show up at the Toyota dealership when the maintenance light goes on. I’m as regular as prunes…


There is a way to reset the Maintenance light on my 2003 Toyota 4Runner and it may be the same on the Toyota Highlander. I found it in the owner’s manual, but not where I expected it would be. It seems to me that you turn the key on and make certain that the total mileage and not the trip mileage is displayed. Then turn the key off and hold in the button that change the reding from total mileage to trip mileage and turn the key back on (do not start the engine). The Maintenance light flashes in some sequence and then goes out. I actually have to look at the manual each time I do this as my independent often forgets to reset this feature. Check your owner’s manual thoroughly and it should tell you how this is done.


28 MPG is incredible on this car. I drove one for a while and I never got much over 20 mpg (granted that was mostly highway driving).


I had the same problem with the Maintenance required button the the solution noted below is correct. Just make sure that you don’t press the rest button until after the engine is off and then hold it until the reset is complete.
I get 20-22 miles a gallon mostly in town driving. I am disapointed but it is better than my Jeep Grand Cherokee which got 17 MPG