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High School Graduation in Style

Eat your hearts out. Two Florida high schools near Daytona will cross high school’s finish line in style. They will be taking a lap at the home of the Daytona 500. Each graduate’s family will be allowed one car at Daytona International Speedway, and everyone must stay inside their vehicle. They’ll line up, drive over the finish line to accept their diploma and take a victory lap.

I’m impressed! I’m envious!


A slow lap of Daytona will make the passengers in the car feel like they are tipping over! The banking is 31 degrees in the corners and 18 degrees at the start-finish line!

I AM jealous… Daytona is one of my “bucket list” tracks to do a track day. I went to the 24 hour race there last January as a spectator.

EXCELLENT. NH has a race track, but I know of no plans of them doing anything like that.

You’re not far away. Rent a high school student from Flagler Palm Coast or Matanzas High Schools. You drive, they graduate.


Texas Motor Speedway just north of Fort Worth is hosting a number of high school graduations. Something like 15 or 20 of them from the surrounding area.

Good idea to bad there are not race track’s availble to most of the school’s

Cool. The World Wide Technology Raceway in Madison, IL isn’t far from St. Louis. Not Daytona but it would be fun.

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