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High mileage

Hi, I haven’t listened to your show in a while, but a friend of mine who does listen regularly thought you might like to hear about my car. It is a 1995 Nissan Altima with 274,124 miles on it. It was bought new by a family friend, who took very good care of it, then sold it to my mom. I got it in 2006, I think. I plan to drive it into the ground. I have a great mechanic who tells me when a noise it is making is bad, or just an old car noise. I have done no major repairs, just alternator & exhaust system. My other vehicle is an F250 4x4(the minimum level of power for pulling a trailer, in spite of what dealers lie to people about!)with 168,891 miles.
My dad used to listen to your show in the 1990s and he went to MIT!
Kristin in Middleburg, VA

Tom and Ray are retired and don’t respond to these threads, as far as I know.

Several of us who do respond are quite experienced and know our cars.

Your car has a long way to go:

PS: I went to MIT as well.

Hmmm. 89 Riviera-530K, 86 Riviera-350K, 81Olds Diesel 480K, 74 Olds Cutlass-240K. The rest are low mileage under 200K. Then I retired. I didn’t go to MIT but drove by it once.

Whoever disagreed with my last comment needs to think about why.

Tom and Ray ARE retired. It was even announced on several tv shows and radio shows, for pity’s sake. Haven’t you been noticing that the radio shows are reruns?

If they decided to not retire, god bless them. I love the radio show.

And if they’re responding to these threads, they’re not doing it as “Tom and Ray”

I remember they wished us a happy valentines’ day not too long ago, though.

Or was it my last comment that some of us who do respond are quite experienced and know our cars?

If you’re disagreeing with that, or think that statement specifically does not apply to me, then you probably have insecurity issues. Or you feel that you’re so much more experienced and knowledgeable than me. The nice thing is that this is anonymous and we’re not using our real names. So you guys can tell me to go . . . . all you want.

@Noggsburg if you want to post some specific questions, we’ll be more than happy to try to help.

@db4690 Wasn’t me. I just checked my “disagree” flags and someone disagrees that coolant leaks out of water pump weep holes when running. That I change my oil at 5000 miles, and to use Honda fluids in a Honda. I don’t know how you can disagree with this stuff but someone did. Obviously they must know my oil change schedule better than me.

Sometimes those flags show who posted them, sometimes not.

Me started to listen to CarTalk in very early 80’s. I think it came on just after “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

BTW: Son was not accept to MIT for undergrad-Which is OK because he got $ at a peer engineering school. He wasn’t able to interview fMIT for grad school because of a miscommunication on MIT’s part, which is OK because he got into another peer university on full scholarship. Thankyou.

@db4960 Some flaming trojan must have disliked your post, I don’t see it but how come @noggsburg is where I should reply?

@Barkydog perhaps OP’s name is where you “should reply” because they started this thread?

@db490 It looks like you have been dogged since December. I do not think the op is your unfriend, I cannot see who disagrees, but I think it is not this poster.
Sorry to divert from your post about your car Noggsburg, Keep on rolling! I had my 71 nova till 1990, and my 72 f150 till 1990, I traded them both in because I needed a reliable vehicle for a 45 mi each way commute. Good luck to you!

Saw a Pinto today…
From the tow truck that had my Civic on its flatbed. :>{(

@Barkydog I’m a big boy. I can take it.

But . . . if I feel a disagree or off topic flag was baseless, I might post a comment.

I presume you aren’t driving a V8 truck on your 45 mile each way commute? There would be nothing wrong with that, but there are more fuel efficient vehicles.

@db4690 I traded them in on a 91 Toyota Pickup 2wd 4 cyl, wish I had kept the Nova. I agree anyone who posts a negative comment should be required to post a why, I just noticed troll is gone from the choices, start a new thread so we do not bother this poster with non related stuff.

Guys, I think you might find a few of unintended agrees and disagrees as a result of these darn touch screens on IPads and what ever; along with the failure to check. This is especially true as the screens get smaller.