High mileage Camry


I am looking at a 2001 Toyota Camry LXE V6 with 151000 miles for my daughter.

Any thoughts on the high mileage?


The high mileage in itself is NOT a problem. How well it was maintained is a better indicator. If it was maintained well it could easily last another 100k miles. Well maintained Honda’s and Toyota’s easily last OVER 300k miles with MINIMAL repairs.


Give me a well maintained car with 151,000 miles any day over a car with 80,000 poorly maintained.


High mileage typically means you’ll be replacing struts, brake components, and suspension components, cooling system parts, exhaust, and other longer term wear items. Some of these items are quite pricey.

So the statement of minimal repairs(unexpected) may be true as a general rule, however with regards to maintenance items such as those listed above Honda and Toyota really do not fair much better then any other make.

I personally would pass simply on the higher mileage unless the price or previous owner(meticulous person with full records) is really appealing. Pay a mechanic for checkover if you consider it.


Much depends on how it was driven and maintained and a huge factor at this point is the price.

At 151k miles you can safely assume that car needs something(s). A thorough checkover should be performed.


I’m not sure if the v6 has a chain or a belt, if it has a belt, make sure it, and the water pump, have been replaced. If they have not, set aside(i.e. deduct from their asking price) a good $500~1000 for these maintenance items.
All too often people are told they need a timing belt changed and assume the car is junk, so they get rid of it.


Based on your comments I take it you only keep a car 2-3 years and never get over 100k miles???


No I keep cars about 200k miles or 9 years whichever first. My last Honda Civic had few unexpected repairs over my 225k/9 year ownership period. However starting around 150k miles/7 years it needed a new radiator, brake booster, clutch master cylinder, CV boots, brake drums, and was in dire need of new struts which were quite pricey. Also many components of the exhaust failed beyond the simple muffler. The steering rack started to leak around 210k miles. Beyond that the car was rattling and creaking, squeaking all over around 160k miles. This car led a pretty easy life 90% on the highway.

My point is between 150k-200k+ your very likely to incur these maintenance issues. Why should you take them all on then simply purchase a lower mileage vehicle of same year that is not as used up for higher price. However that higher selling price is almost always cheaper than performing the repairs/maintenance of a higher mileage vehicle. If the poster buys a 75k-90k Camry they will likely dump it before its hits the 150k-200k marker.