High Idle 2000 Saturn sl1



I have a 2000 saturn sl1. Idle is high, about 1200 rpm. Trouble code 0507. Cleaned Throttle body, looked for air leaks found none, and replaced IAC motor.


Thank you!


Check for cracks in the pcv hose, a common SL1 problem, this will cause the high idle and 0507 code.

My mother in law has one that I to maintain ~

A good reference source for the future is : http://www.saturnfans.com/


Intake manifold gasket, a well known problem with these. They leak around the #1 cylinder, you can confirm this by spraying a little WD40 or fuel injector cleaner around this area, the idle will change.

I’m about to replace mine for the second time, considering using Grey RTV this time.