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P0507 high idle

08 Accord. After replacing the starter and cleaning the throttle body I keep having a CEL and the P0507 code.

Checked for leaks around intake, vacuum lines, etc. found none.

Tried the relearn procedure and still no luck.
Car idea higher than normal ( just over 1000 rpms warm). Also feels like it wants to pull even when stopped.

So I figure I have either:
-damaged the throttle body somehow cleaning it

  • Have incorrectly implemented the re learn procedure
  • missed a vacuum leak ( possible but doubtful)
  • or something else I don’t know about.

I have also been told that coolant level can affect this. Coolant is full however. Maybe an air pocket in the throttle body itself?

Anyone got any ideas? I’m fresh out and want to try and avoid dropping a couple hundred bucks on parts with the shotgun approach.

So, Honda guys and gals, help me out?

What did I miss?

Explain how you cleaned the throttle body.


What have you done to check for a vacuum leak? Is this the 4 cyl engine?

Cleaned the TB with a soft bristle toothbrush and a rag with carb&throttiebody cleaner. Didn’t remove it from the car.

Wasn’t terribly dirty, but had a little carbon on it. So I figured why not while I had a chance

Checked visually for unplugged connectors, hoses, etc.
Then sprayed carb cleaner around all hoses, hose connections, intake to check for leaks.
No change in idle at all.

This video explains what to do.


Saw that vid ( and several others).
Tried the relearn 3 times now. Still throws a code.
First time took a couple of days. Still had a slightly high idle and still felt like it wanted to pull in gear.
This last time code came back within 30 miles. Car was warm when I did the relearn this last time.

Did you open the throttle plate by hand?

If so, then you probably damaged the electronic throttle body.


Yes. Opened it by hand.
I was afraid of that.

I had a high idle problem on my Corolla a few years back. Folks here posted some good ideas, you might use the search feature to see if you can find that thread. I traced it to a faulty idle bypass gadget in the throttle body. I later discovered the problem was made worse b/c the coolant wasn’t reaching full operating temperature b/c the thermostat was corroded. Replacing the thermostat fixed that straight away. Not sure if it fixed the high idle problem tho b/c the way I fixed it originally, I disabled that bypass gadget. I have to keep my foot pressed a little on the pedal a few minutes to avoid stalls at stop signs when the weather is cold is the compromise. Works for me.