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Hidden damage

Hi people (being PC here} Just about ready to get our Equinox back from the body shop, there was additional hidden damge to the frame. I saw in the adjusters’ and body shops’ notes that pull was ineffective (the frame was bent) and the crush zone was still compromised. I won’t be able to go with my wife to pick-up the car when it’s ready. Is there anyting special she needs to ask the body shop about the repair.

I’m confused. They weren’t able to fix you car, but they’re giving it back? How are you being compensated? Why aren’t they totalling it?

If the pull was ineffective and the crush zone in the rail is still damaged then the job is still incomplete. No if’s , ands or but’s about it!!! JOB NOT DONE! If the rail is still damaged then the rail needs to be either replaced or sectioned in. And only if sectioning is approved by GM.

What insurance company is involved here? I would suggest you not pick the vehicle up until you know exactly what is going on. Don’t send your wife. Roll up your sleeves, be an adult but be firm. Repair proper!!

Sorry didn’t explain it properly. When it was first looked at the body shop said if the pull didn’t work they would have to cut it out and weld in another piece. The body shop is a class shop, one of the best in the area, I’m not worried about their work, just wanted to know what things to ask. Taking meaneyedcatz advice we should ask what rails or cross members were replaced and how they were fixed and if it still meets GM standards.

ask about warranty, any additional supplement items (you will not be responsible for paying for these), have them show you any blend areas. If there was contact to a rim or tire was there an alignment? Check for mis-buffs which are not harmful but unsightly and excess dirt in the paint (I said excess, there will be some dirt unless it was painted in the hospital OR). Wash it all you want with micro fibre mitts but do not wax for 90 days. Address any concerns with them but dont nit-pick. Your car will not be perfect leaving the shop since it was not perfect coming in. That means not everything fit perfect when new so dont expect it now and they are not responsible for fixing prior dents, dings, cracks, fades, etc.
Enjoy your ride!

Thanks alot. This is my wifes’ baby.