HID bulb no low beam

Replaced driver side headlight with new HID bulb. Stays on high beam. Passenger side dims properly, but new bulb does not. Replaced new bulb and second new one does same. D5S bulb.

Is this a stock replacement bulb? I’d check the fuses.

Bought on-line, but the D5S is the proper required bulb. Fuses seem to be fine.

Lots of oddball on-line options. How much did you pay? The Phillips replacement is about $100 at Rockauto.

The first one was $80 and the second one was $54. Possibly bad bulbs, but both?

I’d want to check that the proper connectors are getting power on low and high beam. Not knowing how these are wired, I’d be VERY careful about this, there’s high voltage in there somewhere.

HID bulbs don’t have separate high and low filaments, to switch from low to high beam requires a shutter or separate high and low beam bulbs.

The shutter is stuck or disconnected.


I tried to listen to hear the shutter. I hear the one move on the passenger side, but I do not hear the one on the driver side. How do I fix one? I assume they work off the same fuse.

It sounds like it is a projector headlight setup that uses the shutter and the shutter itself is not working . Hate projectors, too complex for a simple function and expensive to fix . Probably have to replace the headlight housing unless you can find the power connection to the shutter and check that connection .