What could cause headlights to act like all relays are bad

So every night within 4 minutes of starting my car and leaving work I hit a slightly bumpy spot (you could rollerblade/skateboard across it) the Hid lowbeams flicker and one or both will shut off I would think it was a loose wire or a bad ballast/relay, however within the following 8 minutes it takes me to get home at least 1 high beam if not both also shuts off leaving me with only the fog/daytime running lights and i cant make sense of it as all 3 set have their own relays/fuses . I’ve shook the heck out of the wiring and fixtures but it doesnt simulate the problem, the relay/fuse box also appears in good working order. and i just cant figure out how 3 seemingly independant circuits are effecting each other.

Are the HID’s stock for the car or are they some cheap ebay knock offs :question: If they are ebay junk, well…you get what you pay for. If they are stock I would be looking at the ballasts.

The related parts may have to be removed and bench inspected. I had a faulty ignition coil years ago on my VW, engine would stop when going over a puddle of water more than 25 mph. Thinking it was the splashing water from the puddle hitting the coil, I tested that theory by idling the engine while spraying the coil with a garden hose from every possible angle. The engine never even fluttered. Finally removed the coil, bench inspected, tiny, almost invisible crack visible with magnifying glass & good bench lighting. Replaced coil, problem solved.

Factory installed as part of the more luxurious trim package as for the ballasts If i end up going that far with the project I would most likely just cut them off and buy a led conversion kit

Personally if it was just the ballasts that is all I’d replace. You might want to check out these sites:

Put some new d2r bulbs in today and believe I found the problem. A previous owner forced a different style of bulb in the wiring harness was holding the bulb securely albeit at an angle, thus were unable to secure the mounting bracket. Sadly when i was reattaching the passengers side one of the grommets that secure the unit broke but i should be able to do a redneck fix with zip-tie and drywall stud until the new one comes in the mail.

Redneck engineering FTW.

Glad you discovered the cause of the problem. Bulb changing always a risk, esp on older cars. I had to replace the front turn bulb on my truck recently. The old bulb broke in half attempting to remove it, glass came out, but the metal part stayed in the socket. Color metaphor-laced language followed … lol …