Two questions: What does HHR stand for and what do you think about this car?

what car?

Heritage High Roof http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_HHR

Find a dealer willing to let you borrow for a half day. I found the coarse relatively weak engine to be quite tiring renting one(not on purpose). Visibility is not wonderful out those small windows.

Right on! This car should have lots of inside room, but it does not. The small windows impair visibility and makes it hard to park in a tight spot. The gas mileage is not bad. This is a niche car and would likely be diffcult to get parts for 10 years fom now.

I like the idea! GM’s implementation may have problems, but the idea is good!

I have always thought that most auto designs would benefit with raising the roof by a foot or so! No major cost increase, more interior room, higher seats, better visibility.

Car makers are stupid. If they made one of these retro vehicles on a truck chassis, they would have to build a new plant to keep up with the demand. Try to sell that many Cobalts.

The PT Cruiser was a retro vehicle on a car chassis that did pretty well. I think the HHR is pretty much supposed to be the same idea.

True, but I was going to buy one until I found out that it wasn’t a truck.

I had one as a rental and wasn’t excited about it. It’s a little small for me and I don’t like the lack of security (no trunk). Those two nits are personal preference and they might not bother you. Handling was fine and gas mileage was fine.

Tried one for fun when they first came on the market, in a word gutless.

I have a starter motor with more hp.

This is my first reply so if i mess up here, WHOOPS! I like the HHR cause its fun but im beginning to have problems with it. The horn had to be replaced at 400 miles, there was that safety recall issue last month, and now my steering wheel is vibrating. Any one know why???