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Chevy HHR

Has anyone had any experience with a Chevy HHR? Our 10 year old Chevy Cavalier has been a truly wonderful car with great gas mileage both on highway and in city. However, we’re thinking of trading it in for a newer used car. The best cars we’ve had have been Chevy and Toyota. The terrible cars have been Crysler and Dodge.

The HHR is the successor to the Cavalier (Cobalt) with a different body. I haved rented several over the last year and find them easy to drive and not too hard on gas. If you don’t need the hatchback body, you are better off with a Cobalt, since it will use somewhat less gas, and if something breaks in the future, parts (trim and non-mechanical) will be easier to get for a Cobalt, since the HHR is a marke niche vehicle, which will probably not be around for long.

Like the Cobalt, the HHR has an average reliability so far. So, if you don’t intend to keep it very long, it is a nice car with no obvious vices. But parts will be a problem 10 years from now.

I dont know what to say about my HHR! Its a nice car. Good mileage, and I know cars get problems but its one thing after another! My horn had to be replaced for some unknown reason, the steering wheel is beginning to vibrate, and there was that recall last month for a safety issue.