HHO Generators


Everyone is looking at improving fuel economy. Has anyone ever heard of these things?


Do they work?


Has anyone ever heard of these things?

Do they work?


Yes, we have heard of them.

In fact, we hear of them at least twice a day when people post information on this scam device in this forum.

No, it does not work, except for the charlatans who are making money from the gullible people who buy this stuff.


Well that was quick! Thanks folks!


I was just notified that I won one of these in the Nigerian Lottery!! WhooHooo! Now I just have to send them a check so they can release my HHO generator. Man, I haven’t been this excited since I won that free weekend getaway, BMW or TV…


I have an HHO generator. It’s a faucet in my sink. :smiley:


I have a well. And a rain bucket. Very efficient HHO generators if you ask me.

Actually, I generate my own (impure) HHO, especially after I have a few beers or coffees…