Hesitation, stumbling and stalling after engine detailing

Four months ago I ?rewarded? my 1997 Honda Civic for 12 years and 100,000 miles of trusty and reliable service with it?s first ever engine detailing. The next morning I experienced severe engine hesitation and stumbling before it stalled and could not be restarted after driving only a few miles.

I took it to the service center that performed the detailing, where they said they checked all the connections to make sure they were dry, after which the car started and ran OK. The engine initially ran relatively smoothly, with only very occasional and very slight stumbling. However, the stumbling and hesitation became progressively more severe (primarily when accelerating or going uphill) until two months later when the car died while driving and could not be restarted.

I returned it to the same service center, which claimed that this problem was unrelated to the previous engine trouble caused by the detailing. They replaced the igniter. As before, the engine initially ran relatively smoothly, with only very occasional and very slight stumbling. However, the stumbling and hesitation has again become progressively more severe over the past two months (again primarily when accelerating or going uphill), and I expect that it is only a matter of time (and not much time) before my car dies again. As another possible clue (which may just be my imagination or a coincidence) it sometimes seems like periods of very heavy rain make it worse.

In the previous nearly 12 years and 100,000 miles that I had driven the car prior to having the engine detailed, I have never had any problems with even slight engine stumbling or hesitation like I have experienced since then (or any other engine problems). Could the engine detailing be related to all of these problems somehow, or is it just an amazing coincidence that my once perfectly reliable car is acting like a lemon ever since the detailing was done? What can I do fix this? Please help!

I believe that the problem has to do with the detailing. Solvents are used to get that “new again” look. These same solvents will destroy the coating of the plug wires. Replace your spark plug wires and your coil wire. The engine should be right back to a perky performer. If you don’t believe me just use a plant mister and coat the wires with water mist. It will run terribly. Have those new plug wires standing by to get you back on the road again. This is a common problem with Fords.

There is no proof that one caused the other; but, because of the potential of water getting into electrical connectors, many of us advise against spraying into the engine compartment. If anything, a wipe-down with a cloth is agreeable.
By this mileage, the fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve, spark plugs and wires should have been replaced. After this, other diagnostic for misfire should be done (fuel pressure, etc.).