Car stuttered/jerked for a bit... but then stopped. Trying to decide how to assess

So driving 50 miles to t-day dinner yesterday, I got gas. Soon after engine gave a little stutter/jerk, then was ok. Did this every 5-10 miles. Didn’t seem to be any pattern, like when accelerating or braking.
On the way home, stuttered a bit when I started… but then was fine for the whole 50 mile trip.

Trying to decide what my next move is. Thinking I will drive it and if I keep noticing it, I’ll take it in.
My thought is fuel injectors are dirty, but why would it be so intermittent?

If this started happening for the first time after you got gas, then you could have gotten some bad gas.


Any thoughts on best course of action to resolve this?

Top of tank with gas from a different gas station. best to always use top tier gas stations. If this is the cause of the problem, it will fix itself as you keep getting new gas and diluting the bad gas.


Ok thanks, hopefully it does.

Fuel filter if you have one or do a fuel pressure test if you have that. I picked up a bad tank of diesel at a truck stop in desmoines. About 50 miles out the car started losing speed. Down to about 20 mph for the last 80 miles. After about three new filters, dumped the junk in the tank. It can happen, especially now. Or check for good spark. But how do you find an intermittent spark problem without the help of a shop or changing a bunch of parts. If not fuel, crank sensor

Sea fome as the first stab at the cat along with a new fuel filter, my thought.

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Probably fuel or spark. Bad elec connection? Maybe

Did everyone miss this from the original post?
The suggestions won’t hurt, but if no CEL I would drive and see if the problem comes back. Fifty miles is a pretty short drive.

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Thanks! That is a helpful perspective, and I think what I will do.

The first thing I would do is hook a scanner to the vehicle and see if there are any pending codes.


Good ideas above. I expect you got some bad gas, likely had some water in it. There are chemical treatments supposedly that will make things better, gas dryer products like below. (note:
I’ve never used any of these treatments on my cars, so can’t personally verify they work.)

After that, could be a problem with the evap system purge valve. That could cause fuel vapors from canister to move into intake manifold during a fill-up, creating an overly rich mixture, making engine stumble.

I haven’t seen the need for anyone to use Heat when gas was 10% Ethanol.