Here's a quandary - buzzing after a hard right turn

The title pretty much says it. I’ll be driving along, and when I make a relatively hard right turn, I’ll hear a buzzing coming from under the hood from that point until my destination. If the car is stopped (usually about 10-20 mins) I’ll start it back up and no buzzing.

I’ve tried pulling over and stopping/starting the car with no luck. I’ve shifted gears, including into park and neutral, with no luck. I"ve even tried a hard left turn (no luck)!

The buzz is not terribly loud, but rises and falls perfectly with engine RPMs. At idle it’s not noticeable, but increases in pitch with the RPMs. It sounds like the engine sounds on a really cold day before it warms up. If I put it in park I can rev the engine and reproduce the same effect as when driving. It doesn’t go away at a certain point i.e. I don’t think it’s resonance.

This is a 1998 Nissan 200SX with about 90K miles. I’m baffled. Any ideas?

Sounds like making that hard right turn moves something under the hood…and I HOPE it isnt your battery. Well it sounds easy enough to duplicate so… Go to an empty parking lot…do your hard right turn and then stop and open your hood and check it out. Sounds to me like something is moving around that shouldnt be…Perhaps you have a torn intake boot or a vacuum line doing something weird…something that gets moved/dislodged/altered under the G forces with your hard right turn. Do some poking around, seems like you will find it easy enough.

OK, will give it a go. Thanks!