Here's a Good Laugh

When a car gets towed in and the complaint is that the engine startes ticking and then it died on the freeway, the first thing we do is check the oil and coolant levels and look for any obvious problems.

There was some light hearted discussion about whether to order a new dipstick so we could check the oil level, but in the end we pushed the car to the back corner and advised the customer to scrap the car.


I know the car had oil in it when I bought it. why should I have to check if its still there? LOL


Honda Civic . . . ?

Yes, a Civic. I didn’t take a pic of the front of the engine, but the crank pulley is no longer at a right angle with the crank centerline. Can’t say I’ve seen that one before.

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I suspect the engine was doing more than ticking…

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About 40 years ago I had (have) a friend who was a top mechanic at a Honda dealer in Virginia.
I’d hang out in the service area sometimes and saw a couple of the cars that came in once a week or so with an engine run dry.
Usually the cam bearings would partly melt and seize.

“No, I never check the oil. I have the mechanic do that when I bring it in for oil changes.”

I guess you are trying to make a Joke . I have never seen anyone check the oil level before an oil and filter change . They just remove drain plug and check tire pressure while it is draining .

I wonder how many $$$ the salvage agent will make by selling the parts from that vehicle?