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Here kitty, kitty!

Well, at least she saw it first. She could have started the engine while it was under the hood.

She is the proud owner of a Mercury Bobcat…remember those?

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Mercury version of the Pinto . . . ? :laughing:

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But it was the luxury version of the Pinto. :smile:

So what luxury features did the Mercury Bobcat have . . . ?!

a glove box . . . ?!

a passenger side exterior mirror . . . ?

carpeting . . . ?!

cigarette lighter . . . ?!


The optional vinyl roof.

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I think they also had the imitation wood grain interior on the dash and door panels.

Yes, equally useful and luxurious, and don’t forget the vinyl padded shift knob

Hey, it’s the Cadillac Cimarron of Ford Land. Well, maybe the Olds Firenza analog. Either way, the faint praise the Bobcat deserves.

My brother owned a Pinto, I had a Bobcat and my mom had a Maverick. The Bobcat was essentially the same as the Pinto with a different hood, grill and interior. The Pinto rusted into oblivion but the Bobcat served me well for around 12 years and was a decent shape when I got rid of it.

at least she saw it first

She should consider herself lucky mama did not show up and tear into her. About 15 years ago 3 phone company people working here were laying some underground cable near a clump of hedges and a bobcat charged out and attacked one of the guys. Clawed him up a bit before the other 2 managed to run the cat off.
It’s believed from various sounds that there were a few kittens concealed in the shrubs and mom took offense to people and equipment getting that close.

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a firesuit?

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