1999 Hyundai Sonata - trouble filling gas tank

Filling gas tank is difficult because it stops filling after a few gallons. Like fill, click stop, fill, click, stop. It fills better with a pump that you can control the fill lever to go slow. What makes this problem and where is the possible part for me to replace? Thanks

Most likely a problem with the evaporative emissions system . . . perhaps the vent valve

Agree with probably the vent valve but you are in luck, your vent valve is replaceable, some cars you have to replace the tank. Advance Auto shows one for your car for $32.

Good morning,

Thanks for the info. It seems that it is not a
complicated job as shown on You-Tube. It seems that my grandon wants to be with me on this job.

Thank you.

Check the EVAP system for spider egg sacs.




Good reading. Who would have known That unless you worked on a gas grill burne.r

fyi: When you fill the tank the air that’s already in there has to go out, to make room for the gasoline. If there’s no escape path this will occur. The EPA requirements mandate that air has to flow through the evap canister for cleaning of all the gas fumes before being released to the atmosphere. Valves in the gas tank and evap canister area open and close to accomplish this function.

Filling gas tank that would shut off after a gallon or two solved. Taking your hints, my grandson and I replaced canister assy, Filter Air, Valve canister cleaner. With tax, $432.63 . Runs good since.

Sorry, just got to this. Thank you all.


Good for you & grandson for sticking w/it & fixing the problem. Other than coming up with the $432, doesn’t sound like it was an overly complicated job. Hopefully you gave the grandson a bonus of some kind for the help. Good opportunity to show him diy’ing can pay off in a little quick cash. As a kid, when I would help my dad with car repairs, which usually consisted of holding the flashlight and listening to colorful language … lol … , he’d always give me a little something in return for the help, even if just a trip to hamburger joint for a burger, fries, and shake.