2003 Hyundai Accent takes forever to fill up

about 2 years ago I started to get slow gas fill up. I brought it to the mechanic and he told me it was just a narrow line to the tank. This puzzles me because it just recently started. Any suggestions ?

The problem is probably with the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system. This system has a hose that runs from the gas tank to the carbon canister so fuel vapors are collected as the gas tank is being filled. If this hose becomes restricted the gas tank can’t vent properly as it’s being filled and this causes the gas tank to become slow to fill.

Bring it back in and have all the hoses going to the carbon canister blown out with compressed air. There have actually been reports of spiders building nests in the EVAP system causing this problem.


type “slow fill” into the search feature of this board to see dozens of threads on this subject…

I believe Tester has it right. However I would like to add, that most cars have a warning about topping off the tank. Topping off the tank can cause this exact problem. I realize that now you sort of must top off the tank, but once it is fixed, if you are in the habit of topping it off, I suggest you try and get out of that habit.