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Help With Potential Mods on My Car

I own a 1990 (first gen) Lexus Ls400 and I’m limited on what exterior work I can do. I’ve been doing research everyday for parts for this car but I can’t find anything. So far I have very nice wheels and coilovers on, with holes in my front strut towers, so my car is static low. But I don’t know where else to go from here. I can’t find lips, good duck tails, nice bumpers, anything. I’ve seen a couple body kits but they’re not nice except one I found. Other than that there’s nothing, nor is there any performance parts, but you can’t make a 1UZ fast anyways. Does anyone have this car and know what I can do, or can I get potential help with researching?

With a 30 year old car that had a 5 year run (first gen) and was considered a luxury car, I really doubt there is much out there.

25 years ago you might have found something, but not now.
Worldwide there were only 165,000 first gen Ls400’s made in that 5 year run, so there was and is no incentive for after-market companies to make stuff.

Those body kits you found have probably been sitting on some shelf somewhere for 20+ years.


There is a good reason for that. This is not a collectable vehicle , it never had appeal to anyone that would be considered driving enthusiasts . Kelly Blue Book does not even go back to 1990 so at a private sale your vehicle is probably only worth 2000.00 but might be less since you lowered it.
I think you are under 20 years old so if you really want to spend money on this with out actually wasting it do this . Detail this thing as well as you can in and out and under the hood . Don’t put gimmicks on it and you will impress more people that way.


The type of people who would be impressed by “lips” and “ducktails” are not people with whom you should associate.

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Not a performance car, not popular with the car modifying public, so there are essentially NO bolt-on performance parts. If you want to mod your car, you are pretty much alone. You might be able to find a shop local to you to design and build performance parts FOR the car but it will be very, very expensive.

This isn’t a Corvette, Mustang, or even a Nissan Skyline - cars that have a broad performance aftermarket. If you want to modify it, you will have to build it all custom.

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A colleague of mine has a ‘94 SC400 (same engine but in a coupe), and it turns out these engines are quite buildable. He’s turbocharged his to around 500hp, but it required quite a bit of fabrication on his part since there’s nothing off the shelf for this car. If you’re not particularly handy, there are better platforms to start with.

There are kits out there, not many but you can find bumpers and side skirts for VIP style. This was known as the Toyota celsior in Japan where the tuning market might be bigger.

But keep in mind that, as pointed out above, those kits have been sitting in a warehouse for 20+ years. They might not even be properly stored, which means they’ve acquired a bend to them now, especially on the longer parts like ground effects. And once you get them, if you want it to look good you need to find a mod-friendly bodyshop (your local ABRA isn’t going to do it because they only work with OEM-style parts fixing wrecked cars) which you will then have to pay a lot of money to in order to get them installed and painted.

And then because they’re made of fiberglass the first time you kiss a curb you’ll crack them.


The person who wants this look goes to a West custom’s type shop to install and paint the kit. Sounds like most of the kits on the market need some amount of work to fit right. But then I’m not familiar with the Brand’s that have kits for these cars.

Without intending to offend OP, usually the person who buys a 30 year old car and then wants to mod it is in high school and lacks the money to pay said custom shop. :wink:


… and it is typical of that crowd that they would rather hang extraneous accessories on their cars, rather than maintaining them properly, and rather than doing necessary repair work on a prompt basis.

The typical mindset can be summarized thusly…
Hmmmm… my mechanic tells me that I will need new brake pads and rotors within a couple of months.
I think that I will spend my money on ridiculous spoilers and other body mods, instead of repairing a vital safety system.


Google “Toyota Performance” or “Asian car performance”. You should find some links to sources for hopping up your older Toyota or Lexus. My local bookstore carries a monthly magazine strictly on the topic of upgrading older Toyotas for race car use. It’s a pretty popular hobby it seems, especially in Europe. If you can find a copy of that magazine, the advertisers inside will likely give you some clues where to find the parts you are after for you Lexus, if they are available. Here’s a link to a similar magazine I found by just googling the first term above …