Help with Make/Model

I was leaning toward late 90’s Infiniti Q45, but I’m having doubts.

Looks like a mid 90’s Cadillac CTS.

Cant tell my car from another in the parking lot these days, opened the back door of one to put stuff I had just bought into the back seat, lady in the passenger seat was very kind, it was parked right next to mine.

Looks like a 1998-2004 Cadillac Seville STS.


I think that’s the one. Thank you.

Looked at a ‘13 M37 rwd in mn. Rare car for mn. Friend is selling his g37x but it’s too small and I don’t want awd.

Years ago I was driving a blue Chevy Corsica. I came out of the bank one day and tried to get in my car but the key didn’t work. Some guy yelled, “Hey, get away from my car!” I realized my mistake, apologized, and directed his attention to my own car that was sitting a few spaces away. He just looked at me like I was either stupid or a criminal.

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I was on a business trip and a large group of us went to dinner in different rental cars I unlocked the doors of my rental, got in, inserted the key, and the ignition wouldn’t turn. After a while, it hit me that I got in the wrong car. I compared the license number on the keychain with the plate, and sure enough, I was in the wrong car. I found my identical car a few spaces away and drove back to the hotel.

years ago at the dealership, the dispatcher handed me my next repair order, and it was a Benz 300E

I walked to the back parking lot and found the 300E, unlocked the car with the mechanical key, inserted the key into the ignition cylinder, turned the the key, started the engine and drove to my service bay

When I opened the hood, I realized the engine I was looking at didn’t match the one on the paperwork

Would have been “funny” if I had performed the repair(s) on the wrong car

Just curious , why are you asking what vehicle this is ? Yes , I know that it is non of my business but i can still ask.

Maybe that car was involved in some kind of hit-and-run or maybe damage to the fence, something along those lines

Suspect on a brush fire

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If the guy’s guilty, I hope he gets the harshest sentence possible

Brush fires can quickly escalate

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