Help with loud truck break caliper squeal

So today, I took my wheels and break calipers off and painted them. I then reassembled them and took the truck out for a drive. There is a very loud squeal coming from one of the tires/calipers. Any one know what I could have done wrong?

Gotten break pad dirty?

Something not aligned right?


First, year, make and model would be helpful.

Second, did you replace the anti squeal compound on the back of the pads? - if it uses that. What did you paint? “Calipers” isn’t enough information.

More detail would be very helpful.

+1 for CapriRacer. We need a lot more info to ascertain why your brakes are squealing.

I vote that posters that use “break” instead of “brake” be banished from the forum. Is it REALLY that difficult to use the correct word?

I second the motion.