Help with buying decision - 4Runner vs Edge

Toyota and save yourself grief

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I agree with that. Especially since we have seen how Ford “honors” its CPO warranty. There was a post not too long ago, from a person who purchased a CPO Ford F-150, and either a spark plug broke apart, or irregular combustion caused the spark plug to be damaged. There was damage to the cylinder wall as a result. This was the original spark plug, and the vehicle had way less mileage than the recommended replacement interval.

Legally, and morally, Ford should have covered this. Instead, Ford weaseled out of paying for the damaged engine, claiming that spark plugs and other consumables aren’t covered under the CPO warranty (although they really could not prove that the spark plug caused the engine damage and that a defective engine didn’t cause the spark plug to fail). Anyways, the person ended up installing a junkyard engine at a different shop, and said that he will be trading it in ASAP and taking a huge loss.

Barry , 3 year old thread and Joan should have made a decision by now.
Those faint dates on the right should be darker so people can notice them @cdaquila any progress on that ?

Do you really think that the OP is still debating which vehicle to buy, 3 years later?

Of course not, but I am sure there are plenty of people trying to make the same decision today, which is why the discussion is still timely.

We have a 2003 4Runner we purchased new. After an initial problem where I had to threaten the dealer with buying it back under the lemon law, it’s been trouble free. I think our only repair was a wheel bearing. The odometer reads 95,000 which isn’t a lot of miles. We put a lot of the miles on in the first 8 years. We haven’t put on as many miles since we both retired in 2011. That’s been our experience with the 4Runner and have no hesitancy in recommending one. I know nothing about the Ford Explorer, so I can’t say if it is better or worse than a 4Runner.