Help with air conditioning

I have a 2000 Honda Accord, 6 cylinder, automatic transmission, 28,000 miles (really). In the past few days, the air conditioning has been shutting off when I turn off the car. When I start the car, it doesn’t respond to the “mode” or “auto” buttons. After driving for 3-5 minutes, it comes back on by itself. Any suggestions about what might be causing the problem? Thanks.

Does it make a difference if you immediately restart the car or let it sit a few hours? There is a temperture probe (Another thread here called it a “Thermistor”) thats shut off the A/C if the evaporator gets too cold to prevent the evaporator freezing up which would make it inefficient. Perhaps this thermistor has gone bad.

I haven’t tried to immediately re-start the car, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

If the thermostat is digital (with an electronic display), maybe an integrated delay-on-break timer is being triggered due to a circuit problem. 3 to 5 minutes is a typical delay time for a delay-on-break timer.
Have a professional check the control circuits. Thermostats rarely fail but they still can.



To be honest, I do not know at this point what is wrong with your A/C. If this is an automatic climate controlled unit then it sounds like a control head problem or an erratic thermistor; probably the latter.

You would be well advised to save yourself some embarassment by not walking into a shop and asking them to check or replace things that Star tells you.
No one knows yet why he continues to post totally irrelevant stuff that has no place in the auto A/C world.