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Burning smell from grill- 2002 volvo s60

Any ideas on why I have a burning smell coming from the grill? noticed it yesterday while driving. 110,000 miles + volvo s60. no engine lights, no smoke, temp. gauge is not high.


Check for a dead bird?

Your burgers are ready? Just kidding.

Is it a sweet smell? That might be coolant. Burning rubber smell might be a serpentine belt. Sharp smell could be oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold.

Otherwise, check for debris as UncleTurbo said.

Has any work been done recently? Maybe a shop guy left an oily rag behind?

Thanks for the responses. I figured out what it was yesterday when my car broke down- yikes! Less than 24hours of the smell and a belt snapped. I am not sure which one, but believe it relates to the power steering- as my engine would start, but I had to really throw my weight into it to move the wheel at all. Found the belt on the ground underneath my car. Luckily, I was in a parking spot when it happened!

Yeah, but did the smell go away when the belt broke? Just kidding.

If the belt was getting that hot, then likely at least one of the pulleys over which it runs was sticking. Depending on how the engine is configured, there could be several – e.g., power steering pump, A/C, idler, alternator, tensioner (a likely candidate for replacement if this is the serpentine belt). Make sure you fix any of that when the belt is replaced.

I agree with Art.
Unless the OP wants to wind up buying another belt in a few weeks, and possibly getting stranded when that belt breaks, he/she will check all of the pulleys that the belt runs over. The bearings in at least one of those pulleys are most likely dry, thus causing the pulley to bind-up.

Did you get the timing belt replaced at 105K (suggested maintenance schedule)?

Also, check underneath the car to see if anything is stuck to the catalytic converter. A few years ago, a large garbage bag blew under my car and stuck to the hot converter, causing a sickly burning smell.

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