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Help Please re VW Transmission?!

I am building a house and need to keep my 1995 VW Golf Sport rolling for economic reasons (mine, not the country)(plus I have just finished rebuilding the floor pan, brakes, bodywork to cure a deer collision, etc.)

The car is developing what I understand is a chronic issue: the reverse gear bearings (of the 5 speed manual transmission) are failing and I am afraid it will die at the very worst time and at a distance far from home. A rebuild is not in the budget nor within my technical skills. The current transmission is the CHE model (1992-1995). Late in 1995, VW switched to the “DFQ” version which looks like it would swap but are the bearings any better? Does anyone have any recommendations on a swap or any other alternatives short of switching to an old Fiat? :slight_smile: Your consideration is much appreciated!!

According to several posts on forums, they should swap without any problems. I doubt there is much difference, other than possibly in gear ratios.

Here is a good link to use to search for VW info:

These are all “020” trannies and they all have the same inherent weaknesses.
They are all interchangeable with the exception of some late 1980’s models that had a smaller input shaft and smaller CV flanges and the switch from mechanical to electronic speedo in 1993.
The only “real” difference between some of the different trans codes is the gear ratios.
However, many different trans codes offered the same gear ratios. My sources tell me that CHE and DFQ have identical gear ratios. So, the swap out should go without a hitch.

thanks for the help - I guess the tranny bearings are just a crap shoot which is too bad becase I like the rest of the car