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Help please my car won’t accelerate it rev up

Hello I have a Toyota Corolla 2015 I bout the car in 2016 from hertz dealer ship I’ve never had a tune up since I bought the car it’s 2018 now . Recently my car have been acting weird so I had my friend change my spark plugs for me the off brand (generic) brand hoping that would fix the issue -the issue is my car while in drive had a jerk when I hit the accelerator pedal I also put in a fuel cleaner just Incase In was trash in their . I went to toyato they said it might be the throttle body because it was clogged - so I spent 169 for them to clean the throttle body & changes a air filter as well the next day still the same problems so they took a look at it a again and gave me there spark plug(r-rid-dee-in spark plugs ) ariden) it still do the issue of while I’m in drive the car does not go when I press the accelerator i compare it to what the manual says like when you need to change gears also it does this thing where when I’m parked and I’m getting ready to press the gas it does this shake thing like my tires or caught on something almost like I’m riding through rock I replaced the battery cause it went dead also one of the plug on top of the engine was unplugged so I plugged it back in I’m not sure what’s going on with my car :pensive:also the rpm goes to 5 when I try to press the gas when it’s doing the episodes it won’t go unless I have the rpm back at 1 then it like acts normal again

That is the longest sentence that I have read this week and this won’t fit on a repair order.

I suspect that your transmission does not engage at times after shifting from park to drive and this may occur at certain times, perhaps when cold or after driving for a period.

Perhaps the best approach would be to demonstrate your problem to the people involved, that way they should understand your complaint.

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Your problem most definitely sounds to be the transmission. I hope it is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Also, I’d recommend using oem denso/ngk iridium spark plugs. I got 186,XXX miles out of mine before occasional misfires led me to change mine. Replaced with oem (bought from, 40,000+ miles later still doing great. If you still have your originals and they look fine, personally, I’d put them back in.

Good luck.

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