Car jumping after switching gears

So my 1998 Toyota Corrolla jumps and jerks after I switch gears. It only does it sometimes and I have seemed to narrow down that it does it mostly when the air conditioning is on and between 3rd and 4th gear if I don’t have the RPMs just right. There is no smell nor any mettalic grinding. I’m thinking it’s something to do with the transmission. Any information could help I am at a loss.

Give some more info in terms of the RPMs. E.g. about where do you shift gears when going from 3-4th. Is it the same for 1-2 and 2-3? Basically, your description is really vague, so the best I have in my mind is that you are hitting 4th too soon and lugging the engine.

I was shifting right at two and it didn’t do the jerking for the first 6 months I had the car but now that it’s started doing this jerking thing I have found that I can prevent it from jerking if I wait till the rpms are around 2.5 and ease the clutch out while slowly pressing the gas. Today I drove it to work and back without any issues but drove very easy and paid close attention to the rpms before shifting. Just doesn’t seem normal.

I would feel extremely silly if I was just shifting wrong.

You shouldn’t have to have the engine RPMs quite that high, so no, you’re probably shifting correctly, or correctly enough, anyway. This doesn’t sounds like any transmission problem to me, but more like the motor. Most likely it’s something simple, but we’ll need some details on mileage, and the maintenance that’s been done. Try and list (if you know, or can remember) the routine maintenance, and anything that may have broken and been fixed.

Has the car had a “tune up” recently? There are some parts that are routinely replaced. You just may need an engine service.

Ok the car has 210,000 miles on it with two drivers myself and the original owner it was bought in 1998. When I bought it she gave me a file of the work done on it she always had a machnic service it. I have had it for six months with this problem starting in the last month. The last work to be done on it was sept 2010 and the valve cover gasket was replaced. Can’t seem to find when the spark plugs were last replaced. But other than the gasket all other work seems to be routine. Does that help at all?

I have also pulled the spark plug wires out to check if they were corroded and they looked fine except that they had a tiny amount of oil on the part that attached to the plug.