The transmision Shifter of my 1999 Pontiac Sunfire do not work

This past weekend, while parking at the mall, my transmission shift stick of my Pontiac Sunfire 1999 came “loose”. It moved back and forward but no response from the vehicle. After a while. a helper indicated to me that the cable that the shifter moves came loose from a “L shaped” part that is the one that puts the transmision in gear. I have a picture of the parts that I will try to post here also. My question is: how do I put back both pieces together again? do I need something like a wing nut, a pin or something to prevent the two pieces from getting out again, or i do simply snap them with a pair of pliers or something? thanks. I will try to post a picture or put a link about the specifics.

Thanks for your attention

Sorry Tried posting the picture but I can not do that.

ok here It is