Help Please: 98 Ford Expedition Clicking Noise on Low Speed Turns


I’ve had a problem with my 98 Ford Expedition (142,000) for over 2 years now. I’ve had it into 3 different garages to look into the problem and no one seems to be able to recreate it but me.

The problem is an audibly loud clicking noise coming from underneath the vehicle. This noise sounds like when you used to attach a playing card to a bike tire. The noise is only heard at low speeds, mostly when turning. The time intervals between the clicks increase as the tire rotation slows down.

If I speed up it goes away. Only heard at low speeds.

Please any help would be very much appriciated.


Does it do it more when you are turning? Left or right?

Other than that I suggest you take a look at the entire drive train looking for something that might rub when the wheels are rotating. You may need to take off each wheel and take a good look at the brakes.


Thanks, figured it out. Parking break is inside of the rotor, took it off an the parking break pad fell off in 3 peices.


What happens when you turn on lights & high beams when you hear the clicking?
We had a similar problem that turned out to be a small piece of metal in the alternator which got grabbed by the change in the magnetic field when we increased the load on the alternator causing the noise to stop.


This is a long shot. Does your Expedition have wheel covers? If so remove them and see if the clicking goes away.

Just a thought


This gives new meaning to the term parking “break”!