Help! Noew I need a new engine?

My 18 year old son bought a 1993 Mercedes 300E in June 2008. Three weeks after the purchase we had to take it in to have a new head gasket put in and then after that was done the mechanic told us it needed a new wiring harness, after that it needed a new actuator. We finally got it back 4 days ago. He had it not 24 hours and was driving it on the freeway and it broke down and had to be towed back to the mechanic. Now they are telling us the timing belt broke and it needs a new engine! My question is this: After all the work that we’ve had done: New head gasket: $1980.00 Wiring harness $800-900 and Actuator $1800 plus labor the bill was $5198.00 should we have to pay for the new engine? After all, doesn’t the head gasket etc come with the new/rebuilt engine? We paid $3500 and still owe the balance for repairs. My thought is that we should not have to pay any more on the repair of the vehicle. What do you think? Or do you have any suggestions?

If the timing belt broke, it was their fault. A new one should have been installed properly when the head gasket was changed. Now, somebody needs a different car. A new engine costs more than the car is worth.

Thanks, but if it was their fault, I shouldn’t have to pay for the new engine should I? The first repair bill was $5198 and now they’re saying another $3200 for the engine. So far we’ve only paid them $3500. I’m fine with that, but my question is, shouldn’t they pay for the engine?

Were you presented with the option of changing the timing belt,and told that it should be done,but declined the repair? Just because you change the head gasket doesn’t mean you have to change the belt. Was the belt due for changing by mileage or time? Older German cars that were initally expensive are not a good choice for anyone that does not have a open wallet. Just my humble opinion.