Engine repair

My engine was making a very slight noise and I was told that if I did not fix it my timing chain might break and my engine would be ruined.

So 3000.00 dollars later I was assured it was fixed and all oil leaks

would be fixed and I would be good to go.

Three weeks later my oil light was on and I had a blow out leak,

back in and one month late another leak at # 3 leak

and they say the new seal will not hold and the old seal is not made any more. They have to find me an old part and this was 2 weeks ago.

What should a consumer expect from a car company when the company decides not to manufacture replacement parts and the car becomes obsolete after they promised it would be fixed and took the $ to fix it.


It seems to got sucked in by an incompetent and dishonest bunchrease monkeys.

Most Mercedes owners of older models seek out independent mechanics who have worked on Mercedes cars. They are generally older and much more competent, and their rates are much lower.

Don’t know the age of your car, but where I live there are shops that can service 25-30 yearold Mercedes cars. I’m surprised the arts are not available; a good mechnic can certainly fid them.

It’s hard to say without knowing the details behind the repair along with the model year and mileage of the Benz in question.

As to obsolescence of parts after vehicles age, they all do this.

Model year? Mileage?

$3000 to fix the timing chain sounds like a lot. What else did they do?

Many car companies don’t manufacture parts like gaskets/seals. They shop that out to third parties.