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Help! New clutch (and more?) - 2000 Toyota Camry


I’m a high school student, driving a 2000 Toyota Camry CE with the 2.2L I4 and the five-speed manual transmission with 157k miles, and it spent its life on the East Coast until three years ago.

I recently was in need of a brake repair that I couldn’t afford for a while, so I drove the car and engine-braked for about two months. And when I say engine brake, I mean my car unfortunately had only a few millimeters of disc left so I only really used the brakes when absolutely necessary. I only wish I’d known that changing disc brakes was so easy like I do now and I’d be in a lot less trouble.

As you may have guessed, my car is now in need of a new clutch. Boo and bullfrogs.

Does anyone know anywhere in Colorado that could do this for less than $780? I know (from research online) that $780 is a DAMNED fine deal, especially on a front-wheel-drive car… but it’s also $780 that I don’t have all of right now.

On a separate note - my car has also had trouble starting lately, and I’m making the assumption that it’s not related to my clutch (my car will still drive, but I’ve parked it, in fear of more damage).

The battery was replaced only two or three years ago. A few weeks ago, my car randomly wouldn’t start until I jumped it. When I got home, parked it, turned it off, and tried to turn it back on, it wouldn’t start. I didn’t drive it for two weeks. On a whim, I went outside and attempted to turn it on again. It took six attempts (turns of the key), but it turned on. I drove it for a week, and every time it took less time to turn on, until yesterday morning when I had to drive it to school (at which point it had been a few days since I’d driven the car, as I had it parked because of the clutch issue, but I had no ride). It again wouldn’t turn on. I had to have a neighbour jump it, but now it turns on after a few tries again. Does anyone have any idea if this is just a battery issue, or if it encompasses more than just the battery? The only thing that I could imagine that could’ve drained the battery was leaving my headlight control in the “on” position when I turn it off sometimes at night… but I never thought this was a problem because the car automatically turns them off when I turn the car off, and it never had trouble starting in the nearly year and a half that I’ve had this car.

Any help/advice/insight/whatever would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you guys so much!

Good luck finding a clutch job for less than $780. You might find someone who will shave $100 off but it doesn’t seem likely. Either way, make sure you use a reputable shop that you trust. A cheap clutch job that doesn’t last isn’t a bargain.

When the car won’t start does it turn over? Or does it just make a clicking noise? If it turns over does it turn at normal speed or does it seem slow?

I realize that it’s an incredible deal, just checking. Thanks! :slight_smile:

It just makes a clicking noise until it finally starts, and it starts normally, but idles at around 1400 instead of the usual 700.

Sounds like the starter is having issues. Many Toyota’s of this vintage have replaceable contacts that wear out. The contact replacement cost is typically under $100. If this car doesn’t have the replaceable contacts and you have to consider replacing the whole starter I do not recommend going to the dealer unless you want to spend about $500. A junkyard starter is usually a good bet or a high quality remanufactured unit from the local auto store.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: I really appreciate your help. I’ll definitely go tool around a junkyard with someone at some point.