2000 Camry that fades to a halt

Greetings one and all…! I have a 2000 Camry CE with 80k on the clock. Getting ready to sell and had the garage check it out to give me a sense of any issues. Only one seen was thaqt the A/C pump is whining and needs replacing…expensive so figured I’d hold off and alert the buyer and giver a credit. Brought it home, drove a couple of weeks and suddenly one day, after driving a couple of miles it lost power and came to a halt. No funny noises or clues this would happen, no lights coming up on the dash, nothing. I was able to start it straight up again, it idles fine, and away we go. After about half a mile same thing happens. Could only get home in ‘bursts’. I noticed when I got home that the elec door lock switch wouldn’t work as if not enough power. I just went back out after letting it sit for a week. The elec door lock still didn’t work; it fired right up 1st time, idles smoothly and now the doorlock works…for now…didn’t sit and wait to see if it runs down. I’ll take it back to the garage but just would like some thoughts from the community so I’m forewarned/forearmed.

Thanks - David Miller

Check fuel pressure

Check spark

Check for fault codes

How old’s the battery?


As @Tester says, load test the battery and clean the battery connections while you are at it. If that doesn’t work, then @db4690 is spot on, the next suspects would be some kind of fuel problem (possibly the pump or its relay) or ignition system problem, e.g. crank sensor.

My educated guess is that the door lock is a red herring, and the problem is the fuel pump.