Help! Need schematics, friend rearranged my engine!

My chevy Venture has been rearranged. It overheated n friend came over who I thought knew about cars, n moved bolts. Took parts off and after about 3 hours of this realized he didn’t know what he was doing …I need the schematics of an engine. 2004 Chevy Ventura van. The intake is online. The electrical is online but I need bolts and also the throttle body,sensor. Just can anyone help me with pics n diagrams. I work at Jack’s n have no money…I’m broke. I am desperate mom and has husband whose is disabled… We need help! Thank you

Can you take images of the engine?

And the mess you were left with?


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Yes! Thank you So much!! Let me get you the images!!

It looks like that engine is a 3.4 liter? I found a video online from where they replace the throttle body on a Monte Carlo with the 3.4 that might be helpful. If you search for repairs online by engine type, you might get more info than searching by model. Not certain how popular the Venture was compared to other models with the same engine.

just a thought. if your not sure what you are doing. a lot of high schools might have a auto tech class. it might be worth taking a chance and talk to the auto tech teacher and explain your situation. maybe the will fix it for free [ except for any parts] and the students would get extra credit. also check if you have any BOCES ( board of cooperative educational services} schools in your area. they have auto tech classes and have been known to take on these problems and help people just not sure if its just in NY or other states too.

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Tech colleges also have auto shops. Your situation would be a good learning experience for them, because it’s not uncommon for someone to get in over their head while home-wrenching and then bring it in to have a pro rescue them.

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The 3.4 motor was known to have intake manifold gaskets that leak coolant and/or oil. The head gaskets also fail. You are hoping reassmbly of your friends effort might resolve issue? I’m betting against it. You might ask him what he was doing.