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HELP! My car won't start and battery is band new!

My automatic 2000 toyota corolla has stalled out twice on me already and now will not start, at all…it turns over but will not start. It can’t be the battery because it is brand new. WHAT do you think is wrong? Thoughts? Thank you so much.

You need to determine if the problem is a lack of spark or a lack of fuel, or both.

Plenty of gas. Is this a serious problem?

No you need to check to see if gas is getting to the engine, you also need to verify there is spark at the cylinders. If you have both of those, then you are down to compression.  

To check spark Buy one new spark plug.  Carry the plug with you and the next time it does not start, get out and pull one plug wire off (pull on the socket part not the wire) put the new plug on that wire and hold the threads of the plug tight against the engine block while you have someone try to start the car.  You should see a bright blue spark, and if you are not holding the plug with an insulated tool, you will also see stars!  This can rule out a spark problem.

I prefer the test spark plugs, with a clip, available at auto parts stores.
To test for fuel into the engine, use a Starting Fluid spray in the intake tube when the engine doesn’t start. If it starts, runs a few seconds, then quits, it’s a fuel problem. If it makes no difference, it’s something else. Tell your mechanic.

With respect, I’m getting the feeling that you’re not mechanically inclined at all. If that’s true it may just be better to have it towed to a garage. There are a number of possible reasons it won’t start, and it’ll take some basic understanding of the systems to troubleshoot the problem.

Batteries can be bad off the shelf.