2006 Toyota Corolla - No Crank, No Start

My car problem just began about an hour ago. I should say that actually (I don’t know if this is related), the first thing I noticed was a week or two ago, I was doing a u-turn in a parking lot, and had to back up a little, and when I put my car in reverse, it stalled. That’s the first time it ever did stall while I was driving, that I can remember, but it did stall as I was shifting gears. It stalled as I accelerated in reverse immediately after driving forward. It is an automatic.

Then the problem I’m writing you about, which began a few hours ago: I was at the grocery store and the key was in the ignition for just a moment or two before I tried to start the engine, and it sputtered without starting. I tried to start it again immediately and it did start, but it seemed to start weakly, if that makes sense. I got the car home, it was driving fine, parked it in the usual spot, turned the car off, waited a moment, then turned the engine back on, and again the sound of the key turning the ignition getting the engine started seemed weaker than usual. I tried a third time, and it seemed weak again. I am embarrassed to say I haven’t been keeping my car up with regular maintenance, and I don’t know enough about cars to have an idea of what might be the cause. I don’t know a good mechanic in my area. I suppose I’ll try to take it to a mechanic in the next day or two, but want to have some idea what it might be so someone cunning doesn’t profit from my naiveté. I think the last time I had the battery changed was 5 years ago. Also, there is corrosion on the battery.

Now the car is not starting. I’m going to have to call AAA tomorrow. Is it likely the battery (there is corrosion on the battery terminals)? Is there something else it might be?

Just a little more information about my problem. When I turn the key, the lights come on, but the engine doesn’t crank. Just a buzz sound when I turn the key. I also wanted to mention that the last time I had an oil change was about a month ago, so it’s not like there has been no maintenance at all.

1 st thing to check is the battery
& battery cable’s due to corrosion & age.

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This is exactly what happened with my 2004 Toyota Corolla when the OEM battery went bad, except it never stalled. It just would not restart once I turned it off, and this happened in the parking lot of a business–not at home.

Even the headlights and interior lights worked fine, and seemed as bright as normal. But when attempting to start, it just made a loud buzzing noise. I was concerned that something complicated or expensive had gone bad, but I tried a new battery, and that was all it needed.

thank you for your reply. that helps to hear! I have been very nervous.

I suppose I’ll have to take it to a shop to do that because I don’t know how

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To find a mechanic check the mechanic’s file’s on the top of page.

So I took it to Walmart, really hoping it was just the battery. They cleaned off the corrosion and recharged the battery. They told me the battery was fine. Sadly, the cranking and starting problem is just the same as it was before I did so. The car is starting sometimes: late last night I tried it and the engine turned on, and when I went this afternoon to see if it could drive to walmart, it turned on and I did. And it drives fine. It seems like it will start ok if it hasn’t been used in at least an hour. If I’ve turned it on a number of times in a short period, like when out on errands, it’s more likely to have trouble. Each and every time the engine does start, though, it is after a hesitation, when it sounds like it’s trying to decide whether to start or not. Both times that I have gone out, once yesterday and once today, the car has gotten me there and home, but once I get it home, and then try the engine again soon after parking in my driveway, it won’t start at all. Then, when I turn the key in the ignition, there is this electrical buzzing sound but the engine doesn’t turn over at all. No cranking sound.

One other thing. At Walmart, after they checked the battery and told me everything was fine on that front and I was leaving, when I got the engine going (after the preliminary sputtering) the car was shuddering and vibrating some, though that quit after I drove it a little ways. I realized after driving it a short distance that I had it in second by mistake, which I usually don’t (it’s an automatic) but I don’t think that would account for the shuddering. I’ve accidentally had it in second before and I don’t remember shuddering like that before. That was the first time I ever had that happen. Help!

They recommended at Walmart that I take it to advanced auto parts to have it hooked up to a computer that can tell me what’s wrong. Is this a good idea? Will they try to sell me things I don’t need? Is it better to just go to a mechanic? And what is likely to be my problem?

You can take it most any part’s store & have the code’s read for free then post the code;s here & someone here should be able to help you that is beyond my level of knodedge.

thanks. I took it to a local mechanic. apparently it was the starter. they are replacing it for $270.

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