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Help! My car keeps dying after 3-4 days with good battery

I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu classic. I just had the fuel injectors replaced because they was leaking gas and the oil changed. Now, it jerks when I put it in drive or reverse so I figured that is the motor mount. I never had a problem with it until after my fuel injectors was replaced. Second, I have to jump start my car every 3-4 days. This has never been a problem either until after I got the fuel injectors replaced. The day I got the injectors put on, my mechanic drove my car a few miles and had no problems with it. The next day, it kept turning over and when it did start, it would shut off. When it started and stayed crunk, the battery light was on. Later that day, it started up with no problems and no lights on dashboard. The gas petal is also harder to press. I don’t know if any of this has anything to do with the fuel injectors being replaced, but all of this didn’t start until after the fuel injectors was put on. What do I do or where do I start to fix this problem? Does any of this have anything to do with replacing the fuel injectors? Somebody please help me!

If the idle speed is more than 750 RPM that might cause the gear shift issue. If there is still a problem with starting then it would seem you have other problems with the engine.

The stiff throttle has nothing to do with the injectors except the work the mechanic did may have changed the linkage somehow.

Since you have to jump start your battery every few days it could mean you have an excessive current draw on the battery while the car is parked. You should having the charging system and battery checked out along with checking the current draw on the batter while the car is parked and thing have gone into the sleep mode. Normal draw varies between cars but if the draw is higher than 50 milliamps then testing needs to be done to find out the source of the extra current draw.

Your vehicle has an electronic throttle body. So there’s no throttle linkage.

The electronic throttle body controls the engine’s idle speed under all conditions. So there may be a problem with the electronic throttle body.

The throttle pedal is electronic.

So there may be a problem with the throttle pedal position sensor.


Replacng the fuel injectors may have required a ground between the engine intake manifold/head and chassis be removed. Perhaps they failed to replace that ground. That could definitely cause poor engine performance. The battery charge problem could also be related.

It jerks just once when shifting from N to D or N to R? As posted above by cougar, that’s an indication that the idle rpm may too high. Have your shop measure the warm idle rpm. If it jerks when driving slowly around the neighborhood, like when slowing to 5 mph to make a right hand turn, & irrespective of shifting or not, if you get a jerk then, that’s often caused by the inability of the fuel injectors to accurately meter out fuel in small dose increments. It’s like a garden hose sprayer that works fine at full force, but impossible to get it to make a fine spray pattern. Clogged injectors, incorrect fuel pressure, or the ECM isn’t programming the injector firing correctly for some reason.