Help my car isnt going when i step on gas

Ok my 1999 saturn sl manual wont go. I put the car in first and slowly let of clutch n the car will pull n go but i press gas it wont go only revs. Does the same in reverse…i HAVE NO HELP IM A SINGLE MOTHER N MY DAD WHO IS MECHANIC LIVES IN VEGAS IM IN NOR CAL. N IDIOT SAID I NEEDED TO REPLACE MY SHIFTER TOWER WELL DID THAT N CAR DOES SAME THING

Via cyberspace, my best guess is that your clutch is worn-out.
If this is the original clutch, it wouldn’t be too surprising if it is worn-out after almost 2 decades.


What did he have for advice or did you not even ask him ? It seems that would be the person most interested in helping you.

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I’m really hoping that the OP wasn’t referring to her father as an “idiot”, but the way that her post is written makes it difficult to tell exactly whom she was referring to.

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N is typing shorthand for AN or AND. Not much savings but it is commonly used.

See he tried explaining over the phone what to look for but i did not understand what he was explaining, then this person i know finally came up here and swore he knew what was wrong. Anyways my dad now is saying clutch cuz the test he had me try was done b4 i got on level ground , n not on gravel where i had to pull over to n get my car towed

No i meant my guy friend that thinks he knows everything

i had a clutch start to slip where i noticed it at first in 4th gear. not so much in 1-2-3. i replaced the clutch disc and all was good. i cannot say if the disc slowly wears and finally decides to go from sorta slipping to not moving all at once. as in, car moved on tuesday and would not move on wed.

Sure sounds like a new clutch is in order.


When you press the clutch pedal in, with the engine idling, are you able to easily shift the gear shift lever into all the gears? Or do you hear some grinding, or is it impossible to shift into some gears at all with the engine running?

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Perhaps but not really germaine to the discussion. You may not like it but that’s not going to change the reality of it. Now get off my lawn :astonished::sleeping: