Help me with the gray hulk

I have a 1991 Ford E350 Econoline Van…(which I affectionately call the gray hulk) 460 fuel injection, what ever is the most serious transmission for towing… I was driving down road… Van stopped as if someone shut off gas… to make a long story short, I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and tried to bleed the fuel lines by the intake… still nothing. All of my repair knowledge comes from when I was a kid in the 70’s… cars were simpler… but I shot some starting fluid into the air intake, and it runs while the starting fluid is there ,but nothing afterwards… my question, Did I do something wrong, but, frankly, what do I do to get it running?

Have you put a fuel pressure gauge on it? Does the fuel pump actually run when you turn the key? Normally you can hear it hum for a couple of seconds when you turn the key to the run position (just before cranking). If you don’t know whether you can hear it or not listen through the gas cap while someone turns the key.

If the pump is energizing and delivering the correct fuel pressure then you worry about whether or not the injectors are being energized. Auto parts stores sell “noid lights” that can be plugged into injector harnesses to check them for power.