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Help me select the right car for me

Please recommend a car for me. I currently drive a 2003 Chevy Tracker. I want to change cars to a diesel - biodiesel, automatic, 2 door, hard top with a sunroof, jeep or jeep like mini suv car. I think my options are jeep liberty, vw, mercedes. Any more I can consider? Thank you. Living A Rich Life

If you live in the US your diesel power car choices are limited, I don’t think a car is sold in the US that meets your criteria. If you live in Europe you might find a Jeep, but the Liberty is a 4 door. Not sure if Jeep ever put a diesel in a Wrangler (2 door) anywhere in the world.

Someone may have converted an old Bronco or Blazer to diesel, but I do not know of any 2 door SUVs being made today, let alone in diesel.

Why biodiesel? Do you mean one that uses filtered vegetable oil? If biodiesel, where would you get it? Either way it’s one of those ‘if you have to ask, it may not be right for you’ kind of questions.

Hang on some are coming down the pike in a few years,you would be well advised to forget the biodiesel fantasy,personally you arent doing the world much harm-Kevin

Why a two door?

For a former Tracker owner, you’re going to pay a lot of money for a car with the attributes you want when gas powered options would serve you better. I used to have a Sidekick. It doesn’t take much money to buy something with better road manners, economy and reliability. Your requests have really upped the price and limited your options.